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You are encouraged to connect with Bren Murphy for a genuine discovery conversation.  Bren's no bullshit approach is at once engaging and disarming, and you will appreciate his wide experience with all walks of life and ability to build rapport with you no matter what topic you wish to overcome.

Inspired by the most unlilkely set of influences - from addiction recovery models, ancient buddhist texts, hypnotherapy, yoga principles, marathon running techniques, and corporate management strategies - Bren Murphy fuses these diverse approaches into a heart centered, "spiritual but not religious" ecosystem to give you the tools and strategies to self help yourself through your own mindset shift.

Mindset shift is the most powerful way to step out of your current rut - or "comfort groove" - and wholeheartedly embrace the challenge and energy of your own potential.  It's like finally having the courage to turn the light on and seeing for the first time what else lies in the rest of the room.  By embracing our archetype and fearlessly stepping into our shadow self - we can emerge from the "yin-paradox" and be our authentic selves.

Bren came to personal coaching through his own life changing personal challenges - you can ask him yourself about how facing his own biggest challenges helped him make the biggest transformation of his own mindset.  And after all, mindset shift is what personal coaching is all about.

Best of all, Bren is a real, genuine and accessible person who has built his business on service, availability and integrity.

Building Rapport

Bren Murphy has been married eleven years and is father of three daughters.  He previously worked in clinical mental health and intellectual disabilities.  For a change of pace, he kickstarted his own small business with his wife and succcessfully operated a national gift retail ecommerce site for a decade.

Whilst kicking goals on the career front, Bren was swirling in despair personally - and found himself on the end of a nasty drinking habit that led to hospitalisation on two occasions.  From this rock bottom, Bren flicked the switch on his personal development and beginning with a daily yoga practice, and then running half marathons, radically changed his appearance and attained optimum health.

Now, Bren is a certifed personal coach and hypnotherapist and has experienced the real life insight of a complete mindset shift from blargh to clarity, focus and inner calm.  Helping others achieve their own mindset shift is now a personal responsibility and service Bren offers - with empathy, understanding and complete confidecne that change is not only possible, but actually right there inside you, waiting to be allowed to emerge.

It's your call.  You may like to engage with bren and seek some clarity with your own life challenge riht now.  Call 1300 084 004.

Products and services

Bren Murphy is a genuine listener who is an expert in human behaviour - and he can help you create meaningful change and learn more about yourself.  

Bren Murphy is the author of two books and is sought after for leadership training, personal develoment speaking and workshop facilitation.  

Life Coaching is about learning deeper self awareness, communication skills and relationship building.  It's the most exciting, fun thing you can do and represents to ultimate in self care and self healing.

The thing you'll notice about Bren Murphy is how you'll feel completely at ease as you experience the presence of a genuine listener who is curious to know exactly what makes you tick.  

You'll be invited to share your story, you'll be encouraged to unpack and explore yourself through a series of gentle questions.  

It's like you have a story to tell yourself and just having Bren there in the room as a guide lets you fully navigate exactly where you need to go.

Life Coaching is not about getting advice or being told what to do - the focus with Bren's heart-centered approach is to give you the tools and strategies to work through yourself at your pace.  It's a journey of self discovery.

Personal Life Coaching is Coaching across niche domains - specifically focused on recovery, healing and allowing your true self to emerge.

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